Delightful DIY Wood Pallet Home Furniture Designs


Wood pallets have been around for decades as mechanisms for shipping and storing larger items. Recently, however, wooden pallets have become much more than a once-and-done packaging piece. They have become a useful resource in home décor and design. Used by beginner to professional DIY experts in projects from wall coverings to large and small furniture pieces to home décor accessories, wood pallets can be disassembled into wood planks that can be used for any number of projects. The wood can be like new, rustic with patina, or somewhere in between.  Read on for some inspiration about how you can create uniquely original furniture items out of wood pallets. Get inspired, get creative!

Delightful DIY Wood Pallet Home Furniture Designs

Create an original counter table out of four wood pallets. A pallet counter table is functional for both indoors and outdoor use, with its simple and rustic look. The counter table can be customized to size, and its design can change as you build. Be sure to choose wood pallets that have not been chemically treated and you’re done.

Pallet Bar Counter

This particular bed frame with storage access was made using two 4′ x 4′ wood pallets, one 4″x4″ beam cut into four pieces, four caster wheels, some L-brackets, and screws and gray stain. This is the fabulous result of this simple DIY project! A very practical bedroom bed frame has been composed with the composition of storage in it.

Pallet Bed with Storage

Here’s an extremely easy-to-build bench that was made of two pallets, stacked and screwed one on top of the other. Then some casters were added to the bottom, and it was done. Depending on the type of wood pallets you use, you could create a similar bench with more or less rusticity to match your design style.

Pallet Bench

Modern pallet office desk table is right here. Here’s another version of a pallet office desk table. This one is even easier to build and it has a more modern look. It’s also made out of wooden pallets which you could stain, whitewash, paint, glaze, or wax yours to make it unique. It is best for the office furniture use.

Pallet Office Desk Tables

Oriental-style pallet dressing table is given here!  If you’re able to find unusually colored or stained pallets, you can use them to create an exotic-looking dressing table like this one. This particular dressing table almost mimics a table from pallets found near a metro shopping area. It has a simple design and a very nice color combination.

Pallet Dressing Table

If you’re looking for a perfectly sized closet but don’t want to splurge on a custom-built piece, don’t worry! You can easily make your own closet out of wood pallets. For this particular one, all you need is a pallet, some sturdy legs, and a sheet of plywood. It is an easy, inexpensive project, and at the end you’ll have an original closet in your house.

Pallet Closet

As you probably already knew, pallets can be used to create all sorts of things. You can even use them to create a bottle stand creation. You’ll need at least one pallet, some tools, and paint. Simply cut the pallets to size, secure them together, and add a top. Paint them in a natural color or in a more vibrant tone that coordinates with your bottle stand.

Pallet Bottle Stand

Even if it’s a little hard to believe, this cute book shelving was made using a shipping pallet. The pallet was cut in half, and legs were added to create stability and to keep the two pieces together. In the end, some shelves were added and the creation was ready to use. It’s not only a very easy and straightforward pallet project, but it also brings modern effect in your study room.

Pallet Bookshelving

Here’s a more elaborate project that requires six wooden pallets. They were painted and then covered with upholstered bed frame. Because the base was made of two pallet levels, this provides a lot of very useful flat base to the bed frame in bringing perfection into it.

Pallet Bed

When people start to use their imagination, they are able to come up with interesting ideas. For example, here is an amazing seat artwork that was made of a wooden pallet. The pallet was taken apart, and small pieces were sewn together. This look quite interesting and perfect to add up in the house right now

Pallet Seat
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Here’s a very modern-looking shelving cabinet made out of wood pallets. You’ll need four pallets of the same size, stacked on top of each other two by two. Use the remaining materials to make shelves and attach them to the top boards on either side. This definitely brings a sort of modern effect in the whole creation.

Pallet Shelving Cabinet

If you need an extra seating fun in terms of table and stools, you could consider just making one out of pallets. It’s easy and much cheaper. This table and stools made out of wooden shipping pallets, look safe and quite comfortable. However, they are not meant to be used by adults, so it’s best to let the children enjoy them.

Pallet Table and Stools

If you don’t need an extra study desk table for yourself, then you can use some spare wooden pallets to build one for your study use that I’m sure will be appreciated. Once again, this study desk table is very easy to make and don’t cost much. Just cut a pallet in a way that allows you to obtain a rectangular structure.

Pallet Study Desk Table

Do you ever thought about locating your house with the side tables? You can build it yourself. All you need are two pallets and some power tools. Cut the pallets in the shape that you want, reinforce them, and add some back structure. Create the sizing structure you want and you are all done with it!

Pallet Side Tables

This shelving stand is made from a discarded pallet, and it seems to do the trick. Just clean the pallet a little, then secure it vertically on a wall. There you go, your very own pallet shelving cabinet! You can leave it natural or paint it to coordinate with your mudroom décor. Try it now and add it in your home!

Pallet Shelving Stand

Because of their structure, pallets can be easily used to create wall shelving tree without much modification. Just place the pallet along the wall, secure it, and add some shelves here and there. Paint it in a vibrant color if you want to, and of course add the books. Done and done. Moreover, you can also use the structure as a decoration rack pieces.

Pallet Wall Shelving Tree

This particular side tables or seats system is probably the easiest pallet project out there. You don’t need to know anything about the process, because there really isn’t anything to know. Just clear out some of the middle boards, bring sizing in it, and you’re done. It brings you with two in one services as the side table and as the stool.

Pallet Side Tables or Seats

Here’s an idea of how you can turn a pallet into a very beautiful side table. For this project you’ll need one wooden pallet with a complete idea of crafting the side table and its sizing or shaping. The result is a very beautiful and functional structure of the side table to let it get located in one corner of the bedroom.

Pallet Side Table
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Here’s a more sophisticated wine rack piece that was also made using a pallet. You will have a nice and completely original decorative and functional wine rack piece that was easy to make. Make your wine counter area stunning looking for others!

Pallet Wine Rack
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Here’s a beautiful shelving stand that makes an architectural statement. It started out as a simple, undesired wooden pallet. Someone found it and decided to turn it into something more beautiful. The pallet was cut, different sizes of pieces were selected, and they were put together and secured and a very artistic way. The result was a very unique and functional shelving stand.

Wood Pallet Shelving Stand

Pallets can be used to create all sorts of things. Here’s a more elaborate project that required many pallets. In order to make this project part of your own home, you’ll need a lot of wooden pallets and some skills and knowledge about side table. You should try with this awesome piece of wood pallet right away!

Wood Pallet Side Table

Grab this interesting and amazing idea of the wall shelves with the combination effect of the desk table being part of it. This brings two in one services where the wall shelves beauty has been artistically added with the desk table effect in it to make it part of your house.

Pallet Wall Shelves and Desk Table

This look much awesome design of the table as crafted with the wood pallet working. This has been much simple and easy in crafting variations but it seems like it is bit heavy in weight. What do you think? It looks heavy so make sure you one corner in the house to get it located at the best and in pleasant way.

Wood Pallet Table

On the last we have another cute yet simple designed table work for you that is durable set with the wood pallet working in it. You would be finding it much artistic and modern looking where its bottom shape framing makes it look much inspiring and extraordinary.

Wooden Pallet Table

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